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Who We Are

TRI HQ is a community focused TRIATHLON training facility and an event and cycling sport services management establishment. Launched in 2019 it has grown from organizing small community based training sessions and neighborhood races, to organizing and timing some of the largest triathlon and running events in KSA. The last major event successfully completed was the Khobar International Half Marathon which saw over 1800 participants from more than 20 countries participate in 3 contests (3 km, 8 km, and 21 km) in the city of Khobar.

We are multiple coached athletes and community leaders, working with multiple community organizations. Many logos exists, but the objective remains ONE! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COMMUNITY

Who Are We
Saudi National Day 91 Endurance Ride (5).jpeg

With TRI HQ Membership, you have access to: Cycling Support Services, Swimming Services, Races and Events and more to learn from our sport and community development services

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