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Our Mission

A SPORTS and EVENTS management facility on a mission to promote the sport of TRIATHLON by hosting community activities, lead youth and adult events, while also working with local government, academic institutions and aligned businesses to raise the level of consistent sports practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

TRI HQ started humbly in 2019 as a small, private training facility in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Our initial ambition was to consistently train as a group of likeminded triathletes, and compete regionally and internationally to serve as role models for the coming generation of inspired young triathletes. We realized a wave of change was sweeping the Kingdom positively across many fields, sports being majorly one of them...we needed to capitalize on this and RIDE this wave to create momentum for interest in everything related to SWIM-BIKE-RUN. Our aim was to remain community centric, inclusive and integrating the already strong swimming, cycling and running communities. 

TRI HQ, 2 years on, has proudly organized over 20 major events with over 3000 participants, and collaborated with government entities, sports federations, major businesses and small enterprises to truly enable the concept of a full circle benefit initiative. We are now a recognized and trusted organization in the field of mass sports management projects after completing: 

  • Half Moon Cross Country Race (470 athletes, 15 participating clubs,) in 2020

  • the Khobar International Half Marathon (1700 participants, 3 contests, Elite International runners) in 2021. 

Our journey continues with special collaborations with respected academic institutions like KFUPM, GEMS International schools in additional to our engagement with the Ministry of Sport and the relevant sporting federations (Triathlon, Swimming Athletics, and Cycling). 

Our team


Meshary al-ayed


Experienced multinational energy industry senior day.  

Outside of work, Meshary is an aspiring  triathlete with numerous race participations. 

Meshary is well involved in community and  youth sports and event organization through TRI HQ which he founded in 2019 with much support from an amazing volunteer dedicated core team. 

He is also  board member and Head of the Technical Committee of the Saudi Arabian Triathlon Federation. 


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